Return & Exchange Policy

Rabawa has a very flexible Return & Exchange policy.
If your customer is not satisfied with the order, you can easily return/exchange the product using.
However, there are a few basic guidelines:
 Product has to be in original or unused state.
 Request has to be raised within 7 days of delivery.
 We will accept and process the request if there is a mismatch in quality, size, colour or design or in case an item is missing/wrong order.
 You may be required to provide information or asked a few questions to help us understand the scenario better.
NOTE: We do not offer returns on bulk orders.

At Rabawa we ensure that we onboard only high-quality suppliers. We have inspection officers on ground who closely monitor the process to ensure that all products are of top quality.
Further, we actively take user feedback on product quality, post-delivery.

1. Our Rabawa Entrepreneurs are regularly updated with the latest market trends. Our platform is updated daily with the latest products. This will help you get more queries and place more orders.
2. We will also take responsibility of shipping and delivery. Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about the logistics or the delivery!
3. Our Customer Support team is diligent and well-trained to provide instant solutions to all your queries. Entrepreneurs can contact the Rabawa Support Team either by sharing an email or a call.

You can earn with Rabawa by selling fashion, lifestyle and household products on social media.
The moment you open the platform you see a huge collection of quality products sourced from the best suppliers in the business. Select a product that your network would like and share it individually with your contacts.
After you share products, you will start receiving enquiries. You can add your margin on top of the product charges and shipping charges, and share the final price with your customer. When your customer confirms the order, place it on the platform. You will receive all notifications regarding the status of your order.

Rabawa will pay your bonus directly into your bank account after our commission has been deducted.

Nigeria & China. We also can create/source your product in any country within Asia or Africa on demand.

We charge a commission of 10% on every order completed on our platform.

Yes, we will. You can choose either bike delivery, air freight or cargo shipping. Your customer will receive the order in the next 2-5 working days depending on location.

It’s absolutely free to own a shop! However, we will charge you a commission of 10% of total product value purchased through our platform.

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